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At the AA meeting, Lattimer meets Dave, another recovering alcoholic, and Ellis Hayes, psychiatrist leading the audience. Dave is addressing his alcoholism when he snaps and loses his balance. Dave leaves area and Lattimer follows and much more arrive in the bar from earlier. Lattimer prevents Dave from using a drink. Ellis arrives and notices Ross… Read More

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Communicate with customers generate rapport even though them serious about your business so they tell others. The best advertising is still "word-of-mouth." Collect information from every customer. Send regular updates via email to consumers. If you remember their birthday - you "Wow" 'em.Two simple changes saved hours do the job every week, and th… Read More

When booking cruise staterooms, guests numerous cases given the ability to opt with the lesser price by taking whatever room the cruise line selects for the entire group. The problem with this is that it is normally the method in which cruise lines get guests to accept an obstructed view. However, the Carnival Valor does not take any balcony stater… Read More